Pre-Need Planning

MAKING LAST MINUTE BURIAL ARRANGEMENTS at the time of sudden death can be a difficult and trying experience. By making your arrangements in advance, you will relieve family members of the stress of making costly decisions under pressure while taking control of your own arrangements by selecting the cemetery and location of your choice. Most importantly, you can defray the future cost by paying for all cemetery related servcies in advance, in interest-free monthly installments.

Forest Hills Cemetery offers a complete pre-need program for cemetery related expenses (this does not include furneral home expenses). Our caring and professional staff are available to assist you with the decisions you will have to make. This is a complimentary service with the objective to explain to you all of your options, and to answer questions you might have about the process.

We encourage you to make an appointment for a personalized tour of our grounds and facilities by calling the Cemetery Office at 617 524 0128 or contacting us.

Some of the important components of pre-planning include —

  • Making a choice – casket burial or cremation
  • Selecting a burial site, mausoleum crypt, or niche
  • Arranging for pre-payment of the location and associated interment fees
  • Choosing a chapel for memorial services
  • Selecting a memorial for the gravesite
  • Considering additional memorial options

For more information on the process of advance planning, please see About Pre-Need Planning.