YOU HAVE A CHOICE BETWEEN INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLACEMENT of cremated remains in our various Columbaria. The Columbaria at Forest Hills Cemetery provide elegant, serene indoor or outdoor settings. Each indoor room or chapel is beautifully appointed with benches, and soft music for the visitor’s comfort. Each outdoor columbarium is a serene and beautiful setting in a special outdoor space.

In our indoor niche chapels, urns are placed, in perpetuity, into bronze-framed, glass-fronted niches. Beautifully constructed of marble and bronze with beveled glass fronts, our Chapels provide a selection of single and companion niches.

Chapel of Grace
Our newest Columbarium room, the Chapel of Grace, opened in October 2015. This inviting chapel is outfitted with generously-sized niches varying in price and location. Each niche glows with the warmth of individual LED lights, showcasing a decorative urn choice and your loved one’s framed photograph. With visiting hours for every day of the year, friends and family are welcome to spend time with their loved ones during weekdays, on weekends, or even on holidays. Come see for yourself the quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Each of our outdoor columbaria, Fern Hill Cremation Garden and Twin Peak Columbarium, are lovingly maintained year ’round, and carefully situated to provide an elegant and beautiful setting for your loved one’s remains. As the premier garden cemetery in the region, Forest Hills Cemetery is the ideal place of beauty and serenity.

Fern Hill Cremation Garden
The Fern Hill Cremation Garden is an outdoor columbarium, with areas for in-ground cremation burial, and a scattering garden. Fern Hill was designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape in order to accentuate the natural beauty of the area. Neutral grays of granite and bluestone, and a lush carpet of green grass provide soothing colors in the outdoor columbarium. Each niche can hold a total of up to two urns, depending on their size and shape. Woodland areas of mature trees and lovely perennial flowers along meandering paths offer in-ground cremation burial areas. Green burial options for cremated remains are also available in these areas.

Scatterings at Fern Hill are conducted in an area of ivy ground cover and shade provided by mature trees. Granite tablets nearby are available for the memorialization of loved ones whose remains have been scattered at Fern Hill, or who are buried elsewhere.

Twin Peak Columbarium
This classically-styled, stand-alone structure is nestled in a grove of birch trees near our contemporary area of the Cemetery. Each of the four sides of the Columbarium contain polished granite front niches. Each niche is designed to hold two urns, depending on their shape and size. Names and dates are added to the niche fronts on cast bronze plaques with a wreath design.

The setting for Twin Peak is especially designed to provide a serene, comforting landscape in an area of mature trees and lawn. Forest Hills is one of the first cemeteries in the eastern United States to install this style of outdoor columbarium.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about burial space or niche availability.