Burial Services

FOR OVER 170 YEARS, care and maintenance have been top priorities at Forest Hills Cemetery. Years ago, in order to ensure thse would remain top priorities into perpetuity, the Board of Directors established an endowment fund for this purpose. Today, one-half of the cost of any grave or lot that you purchase is directed into this investment fund to ensure perpetual care of the cemetery’s burial sites, buildings, and grounds.

Burial Services
You might select any one of a number of burial options: A casket burial with or without a service, a cremation burial in a grave or a cremation plot, an urn placed in a niche in either our indoor or outdoor columbaria, or a scattering of cremated remains. You may prefer a church service, a home service, or a service in one of our beautiful chapels, a graveside service with family and friends, or no service at all. Arrangements can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Contemporary Grave Selections
With 275 acres of land, we have a variety of grave options to offer at varying price points. See our Schedule of Service Charges for more information about our range of graves that can suit all families and resources.

Historical Grave Sections
Through the auspices of our Historical Areas Burial Options, lots and graves are now also available in the older, historic sections of the Cemetery.

Our professional staff are happy to help answer any questions you may have. Feel free to schedule an in-person consultation by calling the Cemetery Office at 617 524 0128 or by contacting us.

To install a monument or marker on a grave, you will need to contract the services of a monument dealer. Please refer to our Monument Regulations for Grave and Lot Owners for more information or contact us.