Nature Lovers,

Here at Forest Hills Cemetery, bird watching has always been encouraged as a way to connect with our landscape.

Unfortunately, at this time, we find it necessary to discourage the visitation and photography of the nesting Great Horned Owls located next to our contemporary burial area.

This location within the Cemetery has become a place of constant and unrelenting visitation over the course of the last three weeks.

Well-intentioned birders, nature-lovers, and photographers, through no fault of their own, have blocked roads while attempting to photograph the nest and some have even set up tripods over gravesites.  We have received a number of complaints from our families who felt that the gravesites of their loved ones were being disrespected.

Additionally, we have heard from wildlife rehabilitators and folks within the birding community that the constant disruption is detrimental to the owls themselves and often deprives them of precious daytime sleep.

Please help us to protect this family of owls and simply refrain from the desire to visit the nest.

We welcome all bird watchers and visitors to walk and bird watch in all other parts of our historic grounds.