Urns by Kelco and MacKenzie Urn Co.

We offer a full line of cremation urns for the remains of your loved one. Whether you select a columbarium niche or burial as a permanent resting place for the urn, or decide to keep it with you at home, you may choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs, materials, and personalization options. Containers are also available in eco-friendly or biodegradable versions, for those wishing for a green burial solution for their loved one.

Urns are available in all sizes, including double-capacity urns (with two separate chambers or one larger one), for couples who want their remains in the same container.  Keepsake sizes are designed for family members and friends to have a small portion of cremated remains.

Personalization of urns can be accomplished through engraving directly on the surface, by application of special or meaningful motifs, or with an engraved pendant on the urn.

For questions about any of these options or services, please call our main office at 617 524 0128, or e-mail inquiries@nullforesthillscemetery.com