Twin Peak Columbarium

THIS CLASSICALLY-STYLED, stand-alone structure is nestled in a grove of birch trees near our contemporary area of the Cemetery. Four sides contain beautifully-colored granite front niches. Each niche is designed to hold two urns. Names and dates are added to the niche fronts on bronze plaques with a wreath design.

The setting for Twin Peak is especially designed to provide a serene, comforting landscape in an area of mature trees and lawn. Forest Hills is one of the first cemeteries in the eastern United States to install this style of outdoor columbarium.

Please be sure to visit our other outdoor columbarium, Fern Hill, a naturalistic setting of perennial flowers and ivy ground cover. One of our counselors will be happy to provide you with any needed information regarding Twin Peak or Fern Hill. Please call the office at 617 524 0128.