Pre-Need Planning

MAKING LAST MINUTE BURIAL ARRANGEMENTS under the circumstances of a family member’s recent death can be a difficult and trying experience. Many people now routinely choose to sort through the many decisions for burial and memorialization on a pre-need basis. By planning in advance, you are able to take control of your own arrangements so that you will have the burial space of your choice. Probably the biggest advantage to making your pre-need plans, however, is that you will relieve your children and family members of the stress of making costly decisions under pressure during an emotionally draining time.

A particular advantage of our pre-need program is that you can pay for your arrangements through our Installment Payment Plan. Once you have made a deposit of one-third of the total cost, you may pay the remaining balance over 18 months on our interest-free plan. All anticipated costs can be included in the Installment Payment Plan, including the gravesite, opening and closing fees, liner and installation, and chapel rental.

Forest Hills Cemetery offers a complete pre-need program. Our caring and professional staff is available to assist you with the decisions you will have to make. This is a complimentary service with the only specific objective being to explain to you all of your options, and to answer any and all questions you might have about the process. We encourage you to make an appointment for a personalized tour of our grounds and facilities by calling 617 524 0128 or e-mailing us at

Some of the important components of pre-planning include:

  • Making a choice – casket burial or cremation
  • Selecting a burial site or family lot
  • Arranging for pre-payment of the burial site and associated burial fees
  • Choosing a chapel for memorial services
  • Selecting a memorial for the gravesite
  • Considering additional memorial options
  • Arranging for the yearly placement of flowers at the gravesite

For more information on the process of pre-need planning, please request our booklet entitled Questions and Answers About Planning Ahead, or you may read this information online.