Photo Policies

All Photographers

Whether permission has been granted in advance or not — YOU MUST CHECK IN with the main office during visiting hours. Requests to photograph during off business hours may be granted in advance.


Limited Permit PERSONAL USE

If you wish to take photographs on cemetery property for a specific event, you are required to complete and then send in the Application for a Permit for Photography to the Office Manager.

After your application has been reviewed, you will receive confirmation as to whether or not permissions have been granted.


Floral Decoration Policies

Forest Hills Cemetery provides a beautifully planted and well maintained garden-like setting for the memorialization of loved ones. All landscaping and development in Forest Hills are carefully planned to harmoniously blend with the natural contours of the grounds. All planting and arrangements are purchased though Forest Hills and are tastefully chosen to enhance the cemetery’s original beauty. In the interest of all our lot and grave owners, Forest Hills maintains formal Floral Decoration Policies regarding floral decorations to protect the dignity of our cemetery.


Find A Grave and Other Photography Websites

Forest Hills Cemetery prohibits ALL PHOTOGRAPHY OF HEADSTONES unless photographed by a family member or lot owner, OR written permission by the original lot owner or family member has been granted.

Please contact us with any questions about these policies.

Thank you for your cooperation.