There are several ways to memorialize a loved one at Forest Hills. Often when people are first choosing cremation they do not think about memorialization, especially if they are planning to scatter their ashes somewhere in nature. However, memorialization can create a place for family and friends to visit, honor and remember their loved ones.

Fern Hill Memorial Tablets

Three granite tablets set among the ivy ground cover of Fern Hill are designed to accommodate incised names and dates as an outdoor form of memorialization close to niches or scattering places. The tablets provide a striking memorial in the beautiful and natural setting of Fern Hill.

The Tree of Remembrance

A truly outstanding option is the beautiful Tree of Remembrance located in our Columbarium. You select a bronze leaf from this tree on which the name of your loved one will be engraved and permanently displayed. The Tree is often used to remember individuals who have been scattered at Fern Hill, or even buried elsewhere.

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