Fern Hill Cremation Garden

THE FERN HILL CREMATION GARDEN, which comprises an outdoor columbarium, areas for in-ground cremation burial, and a scattering garden, was designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape in order to accentuate the natural beauty of the area.

Neutral grays of granite and bluestone, and a lush carpet of green grass provide soothing colors in the outdoor columbarium. Each niche can hold a total of up to two urns.

Woodland areas of mature trees and lovely perennial flowers along meandering paths offer in-ground cremation burial areas. Green burial options are also available in these areas.

Scatterings at Fern Hill are conducted in an area of ivy ground cover and shade provided by mature trees; granite tablets nearby are available for the memorialization of loved ones whose remains have been scattered at Fern Hill, or who are buried elsewhere.

For questions about any of these options, you may access a downloadable version of this page, call our office at 617 524 0128, or email us at inquiries@nullforesthillscemetery.com.