Cremation Services

IF CREMATION IS YOUR CHOICE, you will find that Forest Hills Cemetery is the appropriate destination. As the first crematory established in New England, we have almost 120 years of experience providing families with a complete professional program of cremation at our on-site, state of the art crematory. We also offer a broad selection of memorial options, including columbarium rooms for urn placement and display, a scattering garden and two different outdoor columbaria in beautiful natural settings.

Our helpful booklet Answers to Commonly-Asked Questions About Cremation is available by calling the Office, or you may view this information online.

Since 1893, only forty years after the consecration of Forest Hills Cemetery, cremation has been a vital part of the services offered in this beautiful garden cemetery. We have honored the tradition of cremation as preparation for memorialization. At Forest Hills we offer in-ground burial, a scattering garden, residence in one of the chapels in our indoor columbarium, niches in our outdoor columbarium Twin Peaks, or niches in our newly refurbished outdoor columbarium Fern Hill in a beautiful forested setting.

We have a wide variety of urns available to suit your needs. Urns come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, colors and finishes, so please visit our urn showroom to see what we can offer you. For families who wish to share their loved one’s remains among different family members, we can offer miniature keepsakes and urns.

Memorialization options include engraving on urns, an engraved bronze leaf on our Tree of Remembrance in our Columbarium, jewelry pendants that can hold a small portion of a loved one’s remains, and a line of glass jewelry and display pieces that can be made with a small portion of the loved one’s remains.

Contact us to inquire about any of these options, or with questions about making pre-need arrangements.