Now and Forever: Garden of Eternity

Now and Forever: Garden of Eternity - LectureThe Forest Hills Cemetery and the Forest Hills Educational Trust PRESENT:

FORSYTH LECTURE EVENT — with Author and Historian Dee Morris

Sunday, November 5th at 2PM

The remarkable landscape and history of Forest Hills Cemetery inspires visitors to contemplate eternity. Victorian spiritualists engraved their monuments with epitaphs stating their loved ones had “passed away” rather than “died.” Other lot owners used the symbol of clasped hands to represent eternal unity. Join us for a thoughtful discussion on different views of Forever.

Topics to include: social connections, art, traditional funerary symbols, Victorian spiritualism, and some historic and contemporary residents of Forest Hills such as reformer and philanthropist Abby W. May and poet e.e. cummings.

Admission:  $10 for advance tickets; $12 day of the lecture




Dee Morris is a noted local historian who explores and documents the diverse social history of 19th century Greater Boston. Author of Boston in the Golden Age of Spiritualism: Séances, Mediums & Immortality, and Medford: A Brief History.


“Thinking of this life and the next as one is the happiest way to look at both.”

— Abby May (1829-1888)


First two photos shown by Dee Morris. Third photo by Cheryl Brennan.