The Great Boston Fire of 1872

The Great Boston Fire of 1872The Forest Hills Cemetery and the Forest Hills Educational Trust PRESENT:

THE SUNDAY AFTERNOON LECTURE SERIES — In the historic Forsyth Chapel

The Great Boston Fire of 1872

— with author and historian Anthony Sammarco

Sunday, June 4th at 2PM

Few events can be said to have changed the face of Boston forever. The Great Boston Fire of 1872 was a spectacular conflagration that destroyed “old Boston” and allowed a phoenix to arise from the ashes. This exciting new pictorial history brings to life the drama that began one Saturday evening in 1872 when a fire started in an empty factory on the corner of Summer and Kingston Streets. Within an hour, much of Summer Street was engulfed in flames and firemen from near and far were being summoned to combat the spread of the deadly blaze. By midnight, the fire had spread through Summer Street to Arch Street and was attacking Winthrop Square. Old Trinity Church, at the corner of Summer and Hawley Streets, had given itself up to the flames. In the aftermath, many remains from the Trinity Church crypt were reinterred at Forest Hills Cemetery.

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